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Projects (successfully  completed or current on their way)
Successful execution of M&A deal for high – end retail company in Stuttgart
2017 Cooperation with The New Now
Licence agreement for Pamela Henson with partner Cavallo GmbH & Co KG www.pamelahenson.com
Brand and distribution concept for Korean beauty company
Complete relaunch with product development, marketing and distribution in the D A CH region for high class Italian cashmere knitwear company
Since 2005
Pamela Henson women's pants from bi elastic materials established in the best fashion stores  and boutiques all over the world
Since 2010
Pamela Henson Competition line A specially tailored collection for professional benefit equestrian tournament riders, innovative equipment for the horses on transport and the event
Since 2012
Development and Go-To-Market with additional ladies trousers (Woolsley / Rebecca Ellison)
Nokia mobile phone Launch of the 7200 special edition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the top 30 concept stores. Sales of mobile phones in special series to the fashion retail market. Other references Holland & Holland Chanel group S t Dupont Lodenfrey, Munich