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Jörg Staubach

Draper with a long history as a specialist in the distribution of premium fashion brands, with excellent relationships with the leading retailers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Within the last 5 years Project Management - Interim Manager - Consulting - national & international companies and institutional organizations. Proven track record as: mediator of quality FMCG and experience in sourcing, distribution and retailing business. Apart from the normal distribution channels - versed in Internet commerce: B2C and B2B2C, to extensive knowledge of the mobile market.

Besides my job is my attention to the horses and the show jumping. As an active rider and in the breeding of talented jumpers and dressage horses I find relaxation and still provide services at a high level.

As a member of the German professional Journalists Association I am writing articles about equestrian sports and working on the improvement of a relationship between man and horse.